Degrees Earned

June 1999 ELTE UNIVERSITY, Faculty of Psychology, Budapest, Hungary
Master of Arts.
Thesis on: Transpersonal psychology, integral psychology, system of Ken Wilber.

Postgradual Studies

2003-3006 European Psychotherapeutical Postgradual Education, at Tündérhegyi
Psychotherapy School. Psychodinamic approach, short-dynamic

2004-2006 Intgerative Hypnotherapy at Integrativ Psychotherapeutic Association,
Budapest. Including: hypnosis, NLP, Leuner, and ego-state therapy.

2005-2008 Clinical Psychology Education in the Medical University of Debrecen.

Further Educational Experiences

2005-2006 The 1-year international YOGIC STUDIES 1., at SATYANANDA YOGA ACADEMY

2002-2004 Alternative massage- and movement therapy, licensed by the Institute for
Basic and Continuing Education of Health Workers (ETI), Hungary.

1999-2000 ST.JOHN’S UNIVERSITY OF QUEENS, courses in Hungary on art history,
philosophy, history, and film esthetics.

1997-1998 Cultural Anthropology Studies at ELTE UNIVERSITY, FACULTY OF

1991-1993 Graphology studies at the FIRST HUNGARIAN SCHOOL OF GRAPHOLOGY.

Work Experiences

As a psychologist:

Since 2003 - Counselling and therapy in a private praxis, with intgeral approach.
- Gives workshops on holotrop breathing
Since 2005 - Gives workshops on therapeutic communication
As a lecturer, and teacher of integral psychology:
Since 2003 Teaches Wilber’s Integral Pychology at
- Transpersonal Pyschology- and Breath Institute - continuously
- Monas Adult-education Institute - continuously
- Holistic Education Center - continuously
- Psychologycal and psychotherapeutical conferences - occasionally
- Spiritual and alternative health centers - occasionally

In bodywork:

Since 2000 Teacher of Hatha Yoga at BUDAPEST ZEN CENTER, and SURYA YOGA- AND
2003-2004 Body work – traditional thai massage at SURYA YOGA- AND

In meditation:

as thought by S.N.Goenka (volunteer work).

Public and Media

2005-2006 Regular guest in a Hungarian radio, Radio Café, FM96.8.
Topic: spitituality and psychology, integral theory.
2005 Discussion of Wilber’s Grace and Grit in Hungarian National Radio Kossuth.
2004 Club of Budapest, roundtable discussion on Cooperation among initiatives.
2004 National Radio Kossuth, conversation on the film „Samsara and meditation”.

2004 Roundtable discussion on the movie „Samsara”, at Shambhala Tibet Center,
2003 Radio Extreme, an afternoon with Bence Gánti, on „trans, altered states of
consciousness, and transbreathing”
2003 Harmonet – Internet Magazine, an ancient healing method: traditional thai
2002 Kiskun TV, Hungary, interview on 10-day vipassana retreat.
2002 MTV1, Hungarian Television, interview on Vipassana meditation.
2000 TV Scottland, Hungarians at the Angel Conference in Findhorn, Scottland.
1999 Essay on transpersonal psychology. Journal of Science and Soul.
1998 Retreat in a Tibetan Buddhist Center, at Tar. Youth Magazine interview.

Computer Skills

MS Office; Photoshop; Internet Explorer, Netscape, Opera, Gozilla, webdesing:
Dreamweawer, basic auido and video editing.


English: fluent; German: fluent; Spanish: intermediate Hungarian: native

International Experiences

Lived in Kuba, spent time in Burma, buddhist monastery, learned from healers in North-Thailand. Travelled
Europe, North-Africa, India, South-East Asia, United States.

PHONE: +36 30 278 2717