- Bence's Integral Life Practic Kit-

In this page I display a possible constelation of integral practice in all quadrants. SEE THE CHART BELOW!

Personal background of my integral practice: When I started practicing yoga, I also began vipassana, health diet, doing community work, as well as other things. Also I've been receiving psychotherapeutic healing during the past few years, automatically an inner desire for purity emerged in me, as my consciousness has become purer and purer. If purity touches your mind, it wants to disperse to all aspects of your life. I don't mean to imply that I am fully pure twenty-four hours a day, 365 days a year. I have waves of purity and obstruction. Nevertheless, the obstruction seem much less strong than they were before. In addition, the teh aspects I list below are not always present at the same time, sometimes one, sometimes another is more at the forefront. I see the journey as a long-term training, where the purity in the different lines come in waves. The only stable phenomenon I have observe during the last few years is the wavering. This is the manifestation os the inner dinamics of the spiral, the breathing of the Spirit. I still have my old patterns, the colors of the spiral, though I am more conscious of them, and they are weaker, wich gives me more of a sense of controll, and as a consequense less stress.

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Purity of Action

Purity of Self-Management

Purity of Health & Body

Purity in Morality

Purity in Communication

Purity of Relationships

Purity of Oragnising


Purity of Social Life


Inner Psychological Purity

Inner Spiritual Purity