Massage course in Lahu village - North Thailand, March 2003, with Itzak:













This is the place:

1.Lahu village view
2.Village pictures
3.Village pictures
4.Massage house
5.Lahu village children
6.Lahu "businessman"
7.David, the village's hippy
8.Village chickens - so sweet...
9.And the piggies - piggy 1
10. Piggy 2

...and some humans doing massage:

13. Massage1- Itzak rests on Jossy
14. Mihong does on Jossy, Daniel helps
15. Mihong does on Jossy, Jossy does on Daniel
16. Ali does on Werner
17. Itzak demonstrates on Jossy
18.Ali on Werner, Itzak helps
19.Ali gives Werner
20.Bence works on Augusta
21.Bence does kamasutra cobra on Augusta just to show
22.Eating after hard day, Itzak's alms bowl
23.Daniel with mum
24.Itzak meditating, Daniel contemplating on us
25. The beautiful child